Friday, February 29, 2008

Bum Ban Details

When Asher Friedmann, CEO/Dictator of Nechomas Yisroel approached Rav Zelig Epstein, he was thrown the heck out of R’ Epstein’s office.

Ezra Academy in Queens would get 80-90K/year from Nechomas Yisroel. This is a religious school for kids from the FSU whose parents were basically “frei but warm”, i.e. traditional and sympathetic to yiddishkeit. Some of the children indeed became totally observant and continued to regular yeshivas.

The day after Rav Pam was niftar, all funding from Nechomas Yisroel ended. Why? Mr. Chazer Friedman decided co-ed is no good for him. (and I guess his pockets were deep enough for and extra 80 grand). Ezra’s hanhola went to several rabonim, R’ Zelig Epstein among them. All rabonim told Nechomas to start funding Ezra again immediately. He didn’t. Then a small conference was called, with R’ Epstein and some others, and again the unanimous decision was to “continue” funding Ezra academy again. Friedman said OK, but to date they haven’t seen a penny yet. This is the scumbag who claims to do everything "al pi daas Torah" Know whom you’re dealing with.